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SA Venture Capital Board

The Venture Capital Board of South Australia aims to positively influence innovation and development in SA by assisting in developing a robust private equity industry. The Board undertakes education and networking events (often in partnership with other government organisations), provides venture capital scholarships to the USA and works closely with government on promoting venture capital in SA.

SA Centre for Innovation

South Australia’s Centre for Innovation was established in December 2005 through a partnership with universities, industry and the South Australian Government. It fosters collaboration opportunities for small to medium sized businesses by offering a resource and referral service for companies that are market driven, and looking to become internationally competitive.

Through working with these specialists or participating in workshops and mentoring programs, the Centre promotes innovation and business improvement, and assists new and emerging industries in realising commercialisation opportunities.

Playford Capital

Playford Capital is a unique investor in the South Australian marketplace. It is the only local professional investor providing seed capital for start-up and early stage technology companies. Playford seeks early stage investments from technology-related areas, including software, hardware and electronics and has invested in companies from a wide range of technology-related areas.

Playford welcomes inquiries from company founders, directors and managers who want to learn more about the options for funding company growth available to their business.

BioInnovation SA

Bio Innovation SA was established in June 2001 to accelerate development of South Australia’s bioscience sector. The team offers:

  • High-level business development advice
  • Assistance with managing and leveraging government grants
  • Assistance with funding (from public and private sources)
  • Infrastructure development support
  • Marketing and communications services

Bio Innovation SA also implements many unique initiatives to encourage collaboration within the bioscience community.

Madderns Patent & Trademark Attorneys

Madderns is a leading Australian patent and trade mark attorney based in Adelaide. The firm provides specialist advice and assistance to many Australian and overseas clients, in relation to patents, trade marks, designs and Intellectual Property (IP) generally with the aim ensure that clients receive practical, cost effective advice on all aspects of IP rights and their exploitation.

Madderns are able to cater for a wide range of technologies, ranging from life sciences to mechanical engineering, computer software , medical/biomedical products and electronic communications.

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