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Grants & Funding

Access to supporting funding (government grants, debt, and early stage investment or venture capital) requires a professional approach to develop effective strategies and to maximise the chances of obtaining funding with a reasonable effort within a reasonable time.  Pyksis assists companies raise capital and develop strategic plans for growth in the following ways.

State & Federal Grants

Pyksis works with you to indentify which grants will be of best use for your company. We also take the hard work out of making grant applications. We have a successful track record in grant applications at both State and Federal levels.

One of the important values of government grants is that they do not require you to dilute any equity in your company.

Pyksis can also assist in the effective implementation of your grant.

Business Angels

Business Angels generally make investments from $100k up to $1 million. This means that they usually become involved at an early stage of translating your innovation into a business.

Typically, Business Angels prefer to become involved fully in your business utilising their skills and experience to fast track the growth of your new business opportunity.

Pyksis provides access to the Business Angel network and seeks to match your specific requirements to appropriate Business Angels.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Venture Capitalists in Australia typically make investments from $3 million upwards. They generally become involved at a later stage of your innovative business development than a Business Angel.

Venture Capitalists or Private Equity providers are focussed on taking your business to its next level of growth with a focus on national and international markets. Venture Capital & Private Equity firms specialise in specific technological areas, e.g. ICT, engineering, biotechnology, and sustainability.

Venture Capitalists will generally take an equity position in your firm as well as a board position, providing expertise in governance and strategic direction for your company.

Pyksis maintains strong linkages with a number of national and international Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Providers and we take a leading role in accessing investment capital on behalf of our client companies.

Bank Debt

Bank Debt, like grants has the attraction that is does not make demands on your company’s equity. However, convincing a bank that your company is an acceptable risk is not an easy task.

Pyksis can assist you in this process, particularly by ensuring that the bank has a full appreciation of your business and its future prospects. We maintain linkages with banks that are likely to become involved with your business, with a key Pyksis national Alliance Partner being Bendigo Bank.

Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB)

Pyksis recently became Accredited Sponsors for the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB).

ASSOB is Australia's largest unlisted securities platform that showcases investment opportunities in high growth unlisted companies. Pyksis Accredited Sponsors are now able to assist companies interested in listing on the ASSOB Offerings Board raise capital from $250,000 to $5,000,000.

Over 75% of issuers on the ASSOB platform are successful in raising part or all of their first round funding requirements within 90 days.  The ASSOB platform supports issuers from all sectors including mining, energy, agri-business, biotech, ICT, advanced manufacturing, sports & recreation, medical and others.