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Growth Services for Business

You’ve had a great idea for a new business line and developed your innovation. This has been a demanding and time consuming task however to become a market success, you will need embed your innovation in a robust business system that deals effectively with key issues such as business and revenue models, team, intellectual property strategies and sources of finance.

Pyksis has considerable experience in assisting companies develop go-to-market strategies that incorporate all of the above considerations and more.

Your success will depend on the ability to adopt a disciplined approach based on sound business principles.

Market Research & Marketing Strategies

The two most underutilised words in business development are “market research”.  Too often many good innovations fail to target their markets due to a lack of vital customer information.  Pyksis conducts highly effective business to business market research to identify the match between innovations and customers whether they are in Australia or located globally.  Knowledge of customers requirements enable targeted and effective marketing strategies to be developed.

In the words of highly respected management guru Peter Drucker, “A company exists solely for the purpose of creating customers.” If your innovation can not target sufficient numbers of customers who are willing to pay at a rate that delivers adequate margins you do not have a business.

Pyksis can assist you in developing highly effective go-to-market strategies that will underpin your business success.

Intellectual Property (IP) Strategies

IP strategies need to deal with a range of issues including patents, trademarks, copyright, confidential information, websites and secret ‘know-how’, as well as the means to defend vital IP in the event of infringement.  Sounds IP strategies are the cornerstone to your business and provide a vital component in attracting investment.

Pyksis draws on its extensive in-house experience in developing IP strategies and customises the strategy to suit your business needs by working closely with you and your IP lawyers.

Business Strategies

Your business strategy pulls together your go-to-market strategy, IP strategy, team strategy and your financial strategy.  Pyksis delivers simple and easy to understand and apply business strategies that are focussed on making your business successful.  We ensure that you have clear and quantified goals that remain uppermost in driving your business towards success on a day to day basis.

Business Audit

The ability to establish your businesses current status with respect to matters such as cash flow, sales, business documentation, intellectual property, team and needs for finance is all part of the Pyksis Business Audit, think of it as a pulse check on your business.

Once this has been done, we are in a strong position to customise subsequent advice and identify pathways to successful business growth while minimising expenditures. The business audit also provides you with a baseline to measure the growth you will be able to achieve moving forward.

“If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”

Non Executive Directors

Poor governance in rapidly growing companies over A$2m pa can become a major issue affecting the company’s health.

Depending on company size, one or two non- executive directors can add balance, strength, skill and market access to the growing company.

Pyksis has access to suitable people whom it can match to meet the particular needs of your business.